Archero Tier List – Best Hero, Abilities, Weapons, & Accessories

Archero Tier List

Archero game style depends on the archery game format developed and published by Habby Ptd. Ltd. as a genre of RPG- base adventures action-based mobile game for both single and multiplayer and released on iOS and Android platforms on March 24, 2019. Here single-handed player act as an archer, who has to face various barriers and overcome all dangerous path by killing monster found during the battle.

Archero Tier List describes the adventure’s path while completing multiple levels to make it more exciting and valuable. If you get defeat anywhere in the deck, it will lead you to start the level again, making the players encounter newly added enemies in the path. If players complete the stage after killing multiple monsters, they get gold coins and points as rewards; from these points and rewards, players get to level up in the game.

Over two years, more than 60 million users have been considering this game and captured the top listed position on gaming chat amongst all various games.

Hence if you level up frequently, you make your archero powerful and efficient by gaining more abilities. Altogether, it simply demonstrates that the more you get efficient in the game, the more you allow gaining advantages.

Archero Tier List

Here we will discuss the archero tier list based on their abilities.

  • Archero heroes.
  • All ranked up heroes divide into categories of tier.
  • S- Tier heroes.
Heroes NameDescription
AyanaMost vital easy to play character with efficient advantages.
ShadeThe character defines the Raven’s disguise from the Teen Titans game, and their powers are also identical.
LinaThe best and the newly added hero in the tier list overcomes most of the hero’s abilities. Hence it is good to go hero in the game.
SylvanThis character has to be purchased by the player in the game, and if you stick to the game levels, then this character is worthy of buying.

A – Tier heroes

Heroes nameDescription
TaranisIt is one of the most potent characters to play with as it has an excellent base format for both health and attack.
RollaThis hero base attack is very impactful with great health statistics; hence it is good to pick.
HelixThis gameplay is fit for the character, but its attire is the same as the tank.
OpheliaIt defines as the best attacker as it is very efficient in killing enemies.
MeowgikIt is also a very easy-to-go character to pick, and it’s a cat featured hero.
RyanHe acts as a reviver as it quickly gets revived when he gets knocked out.

B – Tier heroes

Heroes nameDescription
PhorenHe can add it burn effects up to 15% as demands, but it has low base statistics.
BonnieThis character has the best base statistics of both health and attacks.

C- Tier heroes

Heroes nameDescription
AtreusIt is a default character given to the player while initializing the game.
OnirThis character needs to be purchased by the player with decent base statistics.
UrasilThis character is free to play with good base statistics of both attacks and health.

Archero Abilities

Following is the tier list based on abilities –

SS tierS tierA tierB tierC tierD tier
MultishotDiagonal arrowsHeadshotFuryChilling blastToxic meteor
Extra lifeDwarfFire strikePoison circlePoison swordSpirt attack boost
Attack speed boostDodge masterBlazeFire circleSummon one-eyed batToxic star
Invisibility starAttack boostToxic strikeSide arrowFire swordFrost meteor
RicochetPiercing ShotShield guardFrost strikeShadow cloneSpirit multishot
Front arrowCrist masterPoison touchFreezeBolt circleDeath bomb
WingmanAgilityRear arrowHoly touchIce circleSpirit bolt
Slow projectileHP boostBoltGraceGiant
RageBouncy wallBolt strikestrong heartBolt star
BloodthirstDeath nova
Water wicker

Archero weapons

Following are the weapons based on their effectiveness –

SS tier

NameCharge speedInquiry speed
Stalker staff115%120%

S tier

NameCharge speed Inquiry speed

A tier

NameCharge SpeedInquiry speed
Death Scythe85%145%

B tier

NameCharge speedInquiry speed
Saw blade150%80%

C tier

NameCharge speedInquiry speed
Brave bow100%100%

Archero Tier List – Armor

Following is the Armors Archero Tier List –

A tierB tierC tier
Vest of dexterityGolden chest plateVoid robe
Shadow robePhantom cloak
Bright robe

Archero Ring

The rings play the vital role in powers of characters as it helps to play and redeem abilities and capabilities to kill enemies in the game with the base, rare and epic effect.

A tierB tierC tier
Bull ringFalcon ring Bear ring
Lion ringWolf ring
Serpent ring

Archero locket

These lockets allow players to redeem multiple powers with legendary, epic, perfect epic, base, tremendous, and rare effects.

A tierB tierC tier
Angle locketBloodthirsty locketBulletproof locket
Piercer locketIron locket
Agile locket

Archero bracelets

These help to cure damages and have different benefits with different characters.

A tierB tierC tier
Invincible BraceletsBlazing BraceletsSplit Bracelets
Thunder Bracelets
Quicksort Bracelets
Frozen Bracelets

Archero pets

They help the player to choose archero spellbooks and rings.

A tierB tierC tier
Flaming ghostScythe mageLiving bomb
Laser batElf
Noisy owl

Archero spell books

Players should clear the ability of the chosen hero before taking any spellbook in the game.

A tierB tier
Ice realmArcane adventure
Art of combat spellbook
Enlightenment spellbook

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