Apex Legends Tier List To Dominate The Predators In Apex [2022]

Apex Legends Tier List

Apex legends is a free-to-play battle Royale where you can compete with the players worldwide, showing off your skills, smashing other teams, and making it to the last. Choose your strategy carefully because there are some very legendary characters waiting to be played yet. But wait, did I talked about the characters. Oh! Yes, indeed, so now you must be wondering that if we could know more about each character, maybe we can become more advanced players. Well, I am always for help.

Apex Legends Tier List is the segregation of characters from the best one to the worst one. Understanding the meta is one of the important factors in Apex Legends, and you can easily dominate with the use of this data. In this post, I’ve segregated the Apex Legends characters into 4 Tiers mentioned below.

Apex Legends seems very similar to Mob game PUBG. But it offers a very different experience to its player by allowing them to play with their favorite character. Choosing your character to play with opens a wide range of possible strategies to win the game. This feature makes this game more exciting and interesting. It is best to know about characters in-game to enhance your experience of gameplay. These characters share an interesting backstory and have unique abilities, which will further enhance by tickets.

S Tier in Apex Legends Tier List

  • Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar
  • Mirage
  • Horizon


Apex Legends Tier List Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a great hunter. He can see the footprints left behind by enemy players. This footprint easily reveals the enemy’s hiding spot and gives you the advantage of landing a surprise attack on the enemy. He has an Eye of Allfather. It means he can see enemies’ traps and clues throughout the terrain. He can highlight his pray and make them easier to track by your teammates. He can move faster.


Apex Legends Gibraltar

Gibraltar retains its place in the S Apex Legends Tier List of Apex Legends Season 7. Gibby’s greatest strength is his Confirmed status. Taking less than 15% damage due to its large size, he can easily charge in gun battles. Pair that with his 75HP shotgun shield, which covers his entire body, and find a recipe for success. His dome shield protects his team while also providing quick recovery and healing. He is a person who rotates everything with a tank.

In a previous Apex version, his last ability was interrupted, allowing his fire-extinguishing power to return to the front. Gibby has been a pillar of the Apex Legends and strengthened his Apex Legends Tier List S position in our Apex Legends list.


Apex Legends Mirage

All of the Marvel fans must be familiar with Loki. Mirage is well known for its tricky nature. He formulated tricky plans to defeat his opponents by creating strong illusions. Mirage resembles the same as Loki. He can create multiple copies. You can imagine numerous advantages of such an ability.

Your multiples copies create difficulties for your enemy to locate you. Mirage helps your team to distract opponents and buy some time. It makes it difficult to kill. On the other hand, you can attack your enemy from anywhere. This unique ability cost lots of Legend’s token, but you won’t regret it. He is worth every penny.

All the abilities make him capable to be fit in the S Tier of the Apex Legends Tier List.


Apex Legends Horizon

Horizon also is known as Dr. Mary Somers. Her name itself reveals her ability in nature. We know that the event horizon associates with Blackhole. She can manipulate gravity. She can reverse the flow of gravity so that she can pull the enemy upward when they try to escape. It makes her opponents paralyze as they hang in the air and become easily visible.

Horizon can reduce the ground’s impact on the jump, allowing her to jump from a higher building. Her ultimate move is to create a mini Blackhole. Blackhole can trap the entire squad on her wish. Her abilities offer good defense as well as the attack at the battleground.

With her the new update, she can move around more freely causing issues for the players to track her. As a result of this, she can easily attack and escape the fights.

With the powerful nobility of anti-gravity, Horizon is an S Tier character in Apex Legends Tier List without a doubt.

A Tier in Apex Legends Tier List

  • Caustic
  • Lifeline
  • Wraith
  • Bangalore
  • Pathfinder


Apex Legends Tier List Caustic

Caustic is one big, toxic guy. This crazy scientist did A Apex Legends Tier List for a few reasons. Although his gas cans are annoying to pass, they are easily visible and maintained by a single bullet, and if you have Wraith on your team, you will also be informed of the advanced warning of gas presence. Caustic has a buffer fortified (like the Gibby) but without the gun shield, which means it is still a major downfall of SMG spray-downs. The last cloud of Caustic gas is very painful, with frequent damage ranging from six to 12 ticks.

Clouds and canisters also reduced the number of enemies, and as the latest battalion meant that his teammates no longer had the chance to slow down his attack, he was promoted to A Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.


Apex Legends Lifeline

The Jamaican healer plays an important role in any team, from his DOC healing drone to his care pockets, and from his loss of the Lost Heritage, his double-renewing mechanic. Those with experience can use Lifeline to their advantage, using its defensive Armor to re-launch rapid combat and leave him healing the drone to rebuild enemies in his place while returning to battle. Lifeline now has more chances of looting in the latest Apex Legends news, as 20% of all supply barrels are blue, meaning Lifeline could hold more loot.


Apex Legends Wraith

Wraith is one of the most famous characters in the game – for a good reason. Perfect for compression, repositioning, and rotation, making him a natural choice for A Tier of Apex Legends Tier List, but not S Tier. His mobility skills are beneficial.


Apex Legends Bangalore

Bangalore was in the military. She also is known as Anita William. She is an expert in weapons. She may bore you by telling each detail of the weapon. She can launch smoke. It is an advantageous ability to block enemy vision, but it is also your and your teammate’s vision. You can use a Digital thread to see through smoke. The best scenario to use smoke is when you or your teammate is injured and needs some time to heal or escape from battle. Smoke can be used to distract the enemy. The smoke alone is responsible for being in the A Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.

Bangalore can send an artillery strike across the landscape using Rolling thunder. Rolling thunder may not kill the enemy, but it can weaken them and force them to stay away from their teammates.


Apex Legends Pathfinder

Pathfinder is basically a robot, big in size, slow in mobility. He is an abandoned robot, and he is in search of his master. Pathfinder plays the role of an explorer in the team. His tool and kit help your team to find a path. In combat, your team is in constant attack, and you are left with two options, either escape or heal. But escape is a wise choice. This is where pathfinder’s ability shines. He let you use a Zipline gun to create an escape route. All these abilities make him worthy of A-Tier in Apex Legends Tier List.

He let you zip away and close a large distance swiftly. He may not be good in attack, but it cannot stop him from being part of the team. All this ability makes him an important team member who can save your team in vulnerable situations.

In Season 6, Pathfinder was finally given a favor, even though it wasn’t enough. If you use the Survey Beacon to find the next location of the ring, the strength of the Ultimate Zipline is reduced by 10 seconds. It’s useful, but Path doesn’t have what you need.

Season 7 Pathfinder has benefited from the Season 6 buffs converting its Grapple cooldown based on the distance traveled. Now, Pathfinder does not need to hit the ground running for Grappling Hook to be considered complete. The max cooldown has been reduced to 30 seconds. These nerf made him fall into the A Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.

B Tier in Apex Legends Tier List

  • Crypto
  • Revenant
  • Wattson
  • Rampart


Apex Legends Crypto

Crypto was not given a warm welcome when he joined Apex Legends, but all that has changed, and he finally got a promotion from C Tier of Apex Legends Tier List. Now he is truly taking on his role as a Recon character, and at the slightest risk when he uses his Drone, Crypto can use Survey Beacons (as can Pathfinder and Bloodhound). Crypto Drone can now activate Respawn and Survey Beacons, not just collect Banners. The drone also received an increase in HP, doubling health points.


Apex Legends Revenant

He is a walking death machine. He used to be human before Hammond Robotics turned him into a machine. All he knows is how to kill. His character portraits cruelty. He can move faster than any legends and can climb on the wall higher too. He can take away opponents’ ability by throwing a device on them and make them vulnerable. No matter how strong is the opponents, they will find it difficult to delay their death. He can summon Death Totem to protect one of your teammates to escape from death. He is effective in killing and defends. Due to his inability to deal with proper damages, he is placed in B Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.


Apex Legends Wattson

She is an electrical engineer, and she has very cool defensive abilities, such as creating electric boundaries. Such ability offer your team a great perimeter defense. Electric barriers cause a lot of damage to opponents. This barrier makes her worthy of B Tier in Apex Legends Tier List.

This barrier can be destroyable, but you will be notified if any barrier is broken by the enemy, thus revealing the enemy’s location. She can be charged up quickly. She can create the ultimate force field that can save your teammates from grenade attacks. All her abilities manage to kills without risking you and your teammate’s life in danger. She is one of the strongest legends of Apex.


Apex Legends Rampart

Rampart has been breathing fresh air into the legendary Legend meta, which brings self-defense, offense, and a ton of other useful benefits to those who like to use the ‘n’ gun, but also camp, and play tricks, but now cross the ranks slowly as the teens disappear. That’s the main reason to place her in the B Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.

His Tactical Force, Amped Cover, offers many gameplay tricks, even in the heat of battle. Finding those Amped sniper rifles can be the difference between winning and losing. Use cover to block doors, sides, or even build a foundation is important.

Season 7 has brought a change to Rampart’s Sheila turret, now taking only 1.25 seconds to spin, dropping from 2 seconds fully. Its Amped Walls now take 3 seconds to build fully, allowing you to lock those doors quickly.

C Tier in Apex Legends Tier List

  • Octane
  • Loba


Apex Legends Tier List Octane

The running man is part of the C Tier of Apex Legends Tier List for a reason and is regularly included in the Season 7 Apex Legends Tier List. He is quick and angry; he apologizes, he makes his team players angry at his quick theft. It’s enjoyable to play, but in terms of his skills, are they important?

Self-sufficiency is very helpful, and energy can be used effectively in situations where you decide to push at the last minute or retreat defensively. Jump-pad is a movement that the whole team can enjoy, but it doesn’t work like Zipline or Portal. The bottom line is; Octane is useless. Now Octane’s level of healing has doubled, nothing stopping him from stealing his Gold Helmet.


Apex Legends Loba

The power of the Translocating Thief, as well as the looting (and theft), has made him a necessity for any team that wants to be communicated before the fight, but now works to let all nearby opponents know exactly where you are because of the huge volume in which Tactical and his Ult are performing.

While his passive (eye for Quality) allows Loba to see purple and gold objects between the walls (still cool), his Ultimate Black-Market Boutique quickly loses favor with Apex Legends players, even after a buff that meant ammo is no longer important to blacks. Due to such inadequate abilities, she is placed in the C Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.

We all love to have a lot of kills. To do so, we land in an area where most of our opponents land. But the only difficulty is supplies are limited, and the number of players is more in that area. You may find a hard time having enough loot and supplies. This is where Loba shines. She is an excellent thief. She has a unique ability to teleport. She can see through the wall for loot and supply. She can steal from opponents, and her teleportation allows you to land a surprise attack on the enemy.

All these abilities may sound cool, but overall these abilities are rarely useful. Keeping her in C Tier of Apex Legends Tier List.

Final Words

This Apex Legends Tier List will surely help you climb up the leaderboard and reach the Predator rank. With a proper team composition, you can be advantageous in many positions!

Keep Grinding!

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