Animal Crossing Raymond Character Guide

Animal Crossing Raymond

Animal Crossing Raymond being the only smug cat in the entire series, is always perceived as bad behavioral. He first appeared in Animal crossing and was later added to Pocket camp to match with previously released Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

Animal Crossing Raymond – Bio

Hello, are these the same leaping poles that we hear for ages? Ugh…I want one of those SO MUCH. I don’t care about vaulting—I want to have the latest cool thing!

― Raymond

Most of the time, Raymond could be found with his books. And the books he usually studies are all related to the task he is doing: flowers, bugs, fish, or fossils. Also, he has a nature hobby.

  • Name: Raymond
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Smug
  • Species: Cat
  • Birthday: 1st October
  • Initial Phrase: crisp
  • Initial Clothes: Waistcoat
  • Goal: To become a Fashion Designer
  • Coffee: Unknown
  • Favorite Song: K. K. Cruisin

Raymond – Appearance

Animal Crossing Raymond is a cat gray in color with the only black on his paws, and tail and has the insides of his ears pink. He has blonde hair neatly combed to the right. Raymond has eyes that appear to have heterochromia iridium. That’s why he wears glasses.

Animal Crossing Raymond’s unique feature is that one of his eyes is green and another brown. Your first appearance of Raymond would be that he is based on white-collar workers. Raymond’s catchphrase appearance, house, and picture quote could be referred to a typical businessperson or office worker.


Animal Crossing Raymond - Personality

If you want more information about the smug personality of Raymond below is a brief description.

Animal Crossing Raymond is a villager that comes under an arrogant personality. He will not find difficulty talking with other villagers because of his lively nature. Regardless of their gender, he may be seen flirting with the player; He may at a time appear self-centered when talking to himself.


Animal Crossing Raymond - House

In New Horizons, Raymond has a modern office chair and an office desk, all coming from the big office. Because of his passion for making his home similar to office themed home. He had a black desktop computer, and his office desk has a document stack. Adding to his collection, he has this den desk with a mug and a newton cradle, and a chair from the same den set, right in the present middle of Raymond’s house.

If you saw the back of his house, you will notice a whiteboard, closet, water purifier, and a fax machine kept on the table. You will find a clock and a formal paper on the back of his almirah. For the magnificent look, he uses the office wall for the wallpaper. For flooring, he uses monochromatic tile. Because he used all the products according to his office theme, that’s why he has a modern office chair and an office desk from the office setting.

Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Raymond - Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Raymond’s theme preference is civic. His profile says:

Raymond is an exact fellow. One must ensure that his signature glass is at an angle to his nose if it’s kept slightly off at an angle. It would be a real situation for Raymond to concentrate throughout the day! Many were eagerly waiting, and their wait was finally over when it was official that their favorite Animal Crossing can now be accessed through mobile via pocket camp.

Their favorite characters would be right there in front of them at their finger tap trying to entertain them.

Campsite Invitation Requirements:

Raymond will be invited to the campsite at a minimum level of 0.

Level of Friendship Rewards
7Waistcoat  and sparkle stones
9Sparkle stones
15Craft a server
20Pic of Raymond and Sparkle Stones
25Sparkle Stones 
30Sparkle Stones
35Sparkle Stones
40Sparkle Stones
45Sparkle Stones
50Sparkle Stones

Animal Crossing Raymond – Amiibo Card

Sad to say that at present, there is no amiibo card for Raymond since no one has been dedicated to the tie-in amiibo for that game, and character was added to the series in New Horizons

How to Get Raymond in Animal Crossing?

As Raymond doesn’t require any level of friendship, to begin with, you can directly ask him to join your island. Firstly, find Raymond in the forest and nearby areas and have a talk with him. If he is willing to do so, you can get him a place on your island. Moreover, the players are expected to interact with him every day otherwise he’ll pack up and leave the island soon.

Gifts for Animal Crossing Raymond

Firstly you have to spend some time with each villager, after that, you get the right to give them a gift. You only get one gift each day, and every gift has a value that helps you become a best friend. Villagers are starting friendship rank of 25 points to 200 points with sufficient care. On the other side if you ignore your villagers or gives bad gifts may cause a lower score, and they have to leave the island.

Villager Favourite Color Favourite Style

Raymond Black, Gray Elegant, Cool


Is Raymond Rare Animal Crossing?

No, Raymond is not the rare villager in Animal Crossing. Almost every island has Raymond nowadays.

Why does everyone want Raymond in Animal Crossing?

Raymond’s friendship reward has the ability to craft a server which makes every player want him.

What are the chances of getting Raymond in Animal Crossing?

There are 0.24% chances of getting Raymond.

How do you get Raymond’s picture?

At level 20 friendship with Raymond, you’ll get Raymond’s picture as a reward.

Can you get Raymond as a starting villager?

Yes, get a Nook Miles ticket and go to a stranded island. Find Raymond specifically and then you can start a village with Raymond.

Other Characters

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Final Words

Raymond is a grey-furred smug cat that many villagers love in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He is the only arrogant cat available in the series known to get along quickly with most villagers. To show how much cool he is in real life, he constantly strokes his ego. In the end, we hope our article would have proven useful to you. If you like our post, don’t forget to bookmark our website. Do let us know about our errors; we will try to resolve them earliest.

Happy Gaming!

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