Animal Crossing Neighborhood Ideas [2022]

Animal Crossing Neighborhood Ideas

Animal Crossing is a game of construction and designing to showcase the best ideas of a player. Depending on our requirements, we can craft house designs, lawns, neighborhoods, picnic spots, etc. To create something, we rely on ideas, so here are a few ideas on how to design our community easily; you can combine any of the designs to extend with visibility of the neighborhood.

Animal Crossing Neighborhood Ideas are the collection of designs that can be used in the game to create a better area around your house. These ideas are derived from the other users and we made sure to include proper images in them. Let’s get right into it –

Animal Crossing Neighborhood Ideas

Following are the best Neighborhood Ideas for your Island –

1. Spring Season Neighborhood

Animal Crossing Spring Season Neighborhood
Credits: Twitter

The Spring Season Animal Crossing Neighborhood idea provides a calm look to the design with greeneries all around the house. The players mostly like this idea as it looks lovely with the flowery environment around the neighborhood.

Place the green wall house in the middle, create a mud path in front of it, create a sitting spot on the right side of the mud path, and place a table with a few chairs to create outdoor dining in nature. Surround the leftover area with green plants, pots, trees, and fences to complete the neighborhood design.

2. Japanese Housing

Animal Crossing Japanese Housing
Credits: Twitter

This Animal Crossing Neighborhood idea design is based on a Japanese theme created over a small pond with red woods. Place a red color walled house on the right side, create the house entrance with planks and mirror the same entrance on the other side. Now, on the middle-left create a posh area with same planks and connect the two entrance designs with a bridge in Animal Crossing.

Decorate the pond with large stones, small plants, pots, and place a few large trees at random locations. On the left side of the house, create a dining area made of bricks, and behind it place two trees. Mainly the door should have a Japanese accent as it will be the center of attraction.

3. Bamboo Shed Neighborhood

Animal Crossing Bamboo Shed Neighborhood
Credits: Twitter

The most loving design releases a calm and peaceful look to the house. Design a wooden home at the center, and on both sides place trees; in front of these trees place bamboos or bamboo artifacts.

On the front of the house, scatter a few more wooden artifacts and small trees in between; on the left side, place a cloth hanger along with a wooden basket. Lastly, create a small gate by using two bamboo logs.

4. The Modern Neighborhood

Animal Crossing The Modern Neighborhood
Credits: Twitter

Let’s get into something modern and design a very decent and premium neighborhood. Create a concrete house using a white wall with grey bricks roof, create a footpath with upright marble stones, create a lawn, and place laundry tools on the left side of the house.

In front of the house, on the roadside, place three flat-foot stairs and a grass shield to the left. Next to the stairs, place a small pot with shrub and a small tree next to it. In front of the grass, shield put a trolley full of colorful flowers.

5. Campsite

Animal Crossing Campsite
Credits: Reddit

Sometimes we need to spend our quality time at night and fulfill this Animal Crossing Neighborhood idea; here is the cozy campsite neighborhood design. Place a tent-like house on the right side and place a hangar made of two wooden blocks and a rope in front of it. On the left side of the house, decorate a night picnic spot with a carpet, sizeable wooden block, a large tree, and a few small items to give it a decent look.

You can use kettles, a guitar, a small fireplace for cooking, and small fruit plants. These small items will complete the look of a beautiful campsite.

Note: If you’re looking for more Campsite ideas, we have a dedicated separate post on it – Aesthetic ACNH Campsite Ideas.

6. Kids Zone

Animal Crossing Kids Zone
Credits: Twitter

A cute and straightforward neighborhood probably resembles a place for kids, which will make you go aww. Place a caramel-designed house on the left side; the roof will be constructed using cream-colored broken bricks; the main door is painted in cream color with two lanterns on both sides of the door. In front of the door, draw oval-shaped stairs with grey and white marbles; and cover the rest of the front side with grey marbles.

On the right side, create a small garden and do its fencing, place two small pots with herbs in them. Create four mud patches one after the other and place herbs in the mud.

7. Mountaineer House

Animal Crossing Mountaineer House
Credits: Pinterest

It is a hill station-inspired construction that is minimally amazing. Place a brown wall house in the middle, construct the roof with wooden planks and attach a green color door with the house. In front of the house, place a wooden plank-type footpath.

On the left side place a large apple tree followed by a small fence towards the road, on the right side of the fence place a group of flower plants and in front of it place two log fences with a large stone. Similarly, for the right side, place a natural oven, followed by a dining table and a wooden block as a chair, and cover this setup with a wooden fence; in between the fence, place three flower shrubs. Lastly, create a pebble footpath in the middle to connect the house with the road.

These are the few fantastic neighborhood designs you can include in your ideas and create your small town by connecting or mixing more than two neighborhood ideas.


Following are the FAQs regarding this topic –

How do you layout a neighborhood in ACNH?

First, plan a design for your area and then start building things one by one.

How do you layout a villager house?

First, you need a 4×4 empty space. Then create a house on that space.

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