Top 18 Ana Overwatch Skins That Looks Awesome

Overwatch Ana Skins

Overwatch is a game that has multiple heroes, and each hero has its own sets of abilities. These heroes are further classified into 3 categories as Damage, Tank, and Support. There are 32 heroes released, and out of them, only 7 are Support roles. Ana being one of the Support champions, she carries an army sniper rifle which heals the ally or deal damage to enemies. The only missing thing being cross-play support; Overwatch is very fun to play.

Ana Overwatch Skins are cosmetics that can be equipped to make her look cooler. As of now, there are only 18 Ana skins released so far. In this post, I’ve sorted all skins from standard to legendary types.

List of Ana Overwatch Skins

Ana was released on 12 July 2016 and is receiving updates on the skins since then. Every season, the Overwatch team releases new sets of skins for every hero. Since there are many seasons, Ana has received a lot of skins to impress her fans. All of these skins are mentioned below, along with the look of its weapon.

Classic Ana Skin

Classic Ana is the smoothest skin with the black coat to hide the sniper from the flanks. She carries a long sniper who can be used to attack the enemies as well as heal allies. This skin has a blue colored cloth surrounding the black coat.

Classic Overwatch Ana Skins

Citrine Ana Skin

Citrine is the Yellow version of Classic Ana Overwatch Skins. The yellow color in this skin replaces this default blue color. The yellow color shines greatly and highlights very well.

Citrine Ana Skin

Garnet Ana Skin

Garnet is the Red version of Classic Ana Overwatch Skins. This red version is also like the blue version due to its incapability to shine. The yellow color, on the other hand, shines very well.

Garnet Ana Skin

Peridot Ana Skin

Peridot is the Green version of Classic Ana Overwatch Skins. This green color also highlights like yellow color. In this skin, there is a stripe of a green band on the sniper rifle of Ana.

Peridot Overwatch Ana Skins

Turquoise Ana Skin

As the name suggests, Turquoise is the color in Classic Ana Overwatch Skin. This skin is the last among the rare skins of Ana.

Turquoise Ana Skin

Merciful Ana Skin

Merciful is the first Epic Ana Overwatch Skin. This skin has a white-colored coat and red-colored lining from the inside. The sniper rifle also has a shade of white color on it. The name Merciful is given due to her abilities, which can heal allies.

Merciful Overwatch Ana Skins
Merciful Ana Skin Weapon

Shrike Ana Skin

Shrike is the second epic skin of Ana. This skin is the opposite of Merciful. With a black coat and blue inner lining, this skin gives a totally badass look. The complete black sniper rifle adds a touch to this skin.

Shrike Ana Skin
Shrike Ana Skin Weapon

Ghoul Ana Skin

Ghoul is the third epic skin of Ana. This skin has a great evil smile on her face and can be interpreted as a deadly sniper. The black coat and yellow inner lining make this skin look good. The sniper has a chrome yellow color on its top side. This skin is the best epic skin for Ana.

Ghoul Overwatch Ana Skins
Ghoul Ana Skin Weapon

Tal Ana Skin

Tal is the last epic skin for Ana. This skin has blue color stripes on the white-colored coat. This skin resembles the look of an evil magician from ancient times. The sniper rifle has a dark green color on its top. The gloves in this skin also highlight due to their unique white color.

Tal Ana Skin

Bastet Ana Skin

Bastet is the first Legendary Skin among Ana Overwatch Skins. This skin has a dark greyish color and has a black mask. There are black colored cat ears and a massive cream-colored coat to complete the touch. The sniper rifle has a cream-colored layer on its top. Bastet refers to the Egyptian goddess in the form of a lioness and later a cat.

Bastet Overwatch Ana Skins

Wadjet Ana Skin

Wadjet is the second Legendary skin in Ana Overwatch Skins. Wadjet also refers to an old Egyptian goddess. This unique conceptualization gives rise to unique skin types. This skin has a green colored hollow suit and a white-colored mask. The bullet stripes are attached to the left knee. The sniper rifle has a complete green color on it.

Wadjet Ana Skin

Wasteland Ana Skin

Wasteland skin is a recolored version of Wadjet. This skin has a Yellow-colored mask instead of White, and the Sniper Rifle is also yellow-colored.

Wasteland Overwatch Ana Skins

Captain Amari Ana Skin

Captain Amari is the third Legendary skin of Ana Overwatch Skins. This skin has a good texture to it. Unlike other skins, the costume in this skin is completely normal. She wears a dark blue colored coat along with a hat. The sniper, to the surprise, doesn’t have any colorations to it. Also, there is a white color scarf on her neck.

Captain Amari Ana Skin

Horus Ana Skin

Horus is the recoloration of Captain Amari’s skin. This skin has a white-colored coat instead of blue. The gloves and the mid patch on the coat are chrome yellow.

Horus Ana Skin

Corsair Ana Skin

Corsair is the fourth Legendary Ana Overwatch Skin. This skin resembles a female pirate with a sniper rifle. With a white-colored shirt and brown saggy pants. There is a parrot on her right shoulder. To add more touch, the sniper rifle is also made up of wood.

Corsair Overwatch Ana Skin

Snow Owl Ana Skin

Snow Owl is the fifth Legendary Overwatch Ana Skin. This skin is a complete hideout costume for Ana. This costume can be seen in many games to hide in the snow environment. The mask has the shape of Owl’s face on it. The sniper rifle is also made up of white color to hide in the white backgrounds. Don’t worry, as in Overwatch, enemies are highlighted by a border, so you don’t need to fear this skin.

Snow Owl Ana Skin

Pharaoh Ana Skin

Pharaoh is the sixth Legendary Ana Overwatch Skin and also belongs to the Egyptian category. This skin looks like the dead Egyptian mummy. With the good white tape covers and green coat, Ana looks awesome in this skin. The sniper rifle also has a good texture to it.

Pharoah Overwatch Ana Skin
Pharaoh Ana Skin Weapon

Cabana Ana Skin

Cabana is the seventh Legendary Skin in Overwatch Ana Skins. This skin is a cool looking skin resembling Ana on a Hawai vacation. The cool hat and a good scarf add great detail to this skin. The sniper rifle in this skin is almost like the default one and lacks a good texture.

Cabana Ana Skin

Sniper Ana Skin

Sniper is the eighth and last Legendary Overwatch Ana Skin. This skin has a good wood colored coat (like the color on the Woodland shoes). Unlike other skins, this skin doesn’t have any hat on her head, making it really unique. This skin has a red-colored scarf that adds a nice touch. The sniper rifle in this skin is unique and has a good modern look.

Sniper Overwatch Ana Skin
Sniper Ana Skin Gun

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Final Words

The game designers release skins every season, which adds up to many skins for every hero. Ana currently only has 18 skins, which we discussed in this post. As the game proceeds, she’ll receive more skins. So bookmark this post to keep track of all ana skins.

Happy Sniping!

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